Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

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  •  An Appeal for the Birds. 
     Herald editor. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1877-02-03  
  •  The Bird Bill Re-committed. It Will Probably be Defeated by Delays. 
     Herald editor. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1877-02-02  
  •  Laurence Bruner. An Interesting Visit to the Young Naturalist. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1879-07-30  
  •  A Big Day's Sport. Splendid Result of a Day's Shooting on the Platte. 
     Herald writer. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1879-03-30  
  •  The English Sparrow in America. 
     Herald editor. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1877-05-15  
  •  [Geese, Ducks, Plover, Snipe and Prairie-chickens Brought into the City]. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1868-10-18  
  •  Glad Tidings to the Sportsman and Hunter. 
     An Old Sportsman. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1867-10-29  
  •  Gun Club Banquet. A Delightful Time at Their Dinner Last Night. 
     [Blood, Wm.]. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1886-10-24  
  •  Hunting Ducks. Three Days of Sport and the Grand Results. 
     Herald writer. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1878-03-14  
  •  The Match at Pigeon Murder. 
     Herald editor. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1882-05-24  
  •  An Old Fashioned Snipe Hunt. 
     Snipe Till You Can't Rest. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1868-03-19  
  •  Save the Birds. 
     Pearl, China. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1877-01-23  
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