Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

February 1899. Oologist 11(2): 48.

A White Grackle.

On October 10 or 12, 1893, a farmer named Dean Miller shot a White Grackle on his farm one mile west of here. It was with a flock of grackles that were feeding in a corn field. He shot it and then had a Taxidermist mount it.

The bird is pure white without the slightest trace of black, the bill is of a cream color, the feet are white with a grayish tint and the eyes are light yellow with black pupils

The bird's structure shows it to be of the Grackle species and in all it is a very handsome specimen.

  • F.A. Colby,
  • Beatrice, Neb.