Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

Editor [possibly Miles Greenleaf]. January 15, 1922. Omaha Sunday World-Herald 57(15=16): 6-E. A bird editorial.

Victory for the Birds.

Ten years ago, in the city of Omaha, there were mighty few bird baths to be seen in residential yards. There was little evidence that the people of this city cared whether or not the birds lived or died; or whether or not the wonderful work done by the Almighty's feathered agents was to be encouraged by the beneficiaries thereof.

While it may have been a great boon to those who were inventive enough to contrive bird baths of concrete, and to put them on the market for the benefit of the more or less useful wallet, the Audubon society's successful drive for bird-consideration has borne wonderful fruit, and preserved fruit, too, as well as grains, trees and pretty nearly everything that grows.

Do you know of many citizens who do not have some sort of bird-bathing or bird-housing apparatus in their yards? Wren houses, bluebird houses, martin houses - all are to be seen, almost everywhere, nowadays.

There are many strange suet-holders in the parks and woods today; holders placed by stranger, converted by the Audubon society's patient campaign.

It was six years ago that the World-Herald began to comment on the value of birds in the boosting of this state, and the fruit thereof is being harvested, as we have said - and is also being saved.

Only two states in the union - California and Texas, register more birds than Nebraska.

Did you know that?