Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

January 30, 1890. Forest and Stream 34(2): 23.

Snowy Owls.

  • Editor Forest and Stream :

In answer to your correspondent for information concerning the snowy owl: I killed one on Dec. 26, 1889; it is a mottled female, and when shot measured 4ft. 9in. from tip to tip (across wings) and now standing stuffed on the table is the exact height of Forest and Stream. I killed it 1½ miles south of town on the Platte River. There was another much larger one, perfectly white, within a short distance, which a friend of mine has since killed, and is now to be mounted. When done I will send measurements.

  • T. F. C.
  • Schuyler, Neb., Jan. 23.