Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

May 20, 1880. Forest and Stream 14(16): 307.

Prairie Chickens Drinking.-New Bedford, Neb., Feb. 8th.-Editor Forest and Stream:—Having frequently heard it stated that "prairie chickens" drink nothing but dew, collected from grass and leaves, I have thought the following item might be of interest to some of your many readers.

Last November, while waiting for geese on one of the numerous sand-bars in the Platte River, a flock of pinnated grouse came from the prairie and lit near the water; after looking around for a few minutes they walked in where it was a few inches deep and commenced drinking. They stayed on the flat about half an hour, taking frequent drinks, and at times were within thirty feet of me. Have frequently seen large flocks of them drinking just before sunrise, but never before had been able to get nearer than thirty yards.

N. W.

We should be glad to know whether these "prairie chickens" were pinnated or sharp tail grouse.