Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

1900. Oologist 17: 156.

The Belted Piping Plover.

(Aegialitis meloda circumcincta.)

This interesting little Plover arrives here to breed about the first of May, but does not commence housekeeping until the middle part of the same month.

I have found a set of two eggs the 13th of May which I presume is about as early as they commence laying in this locality.

Their favorite nesting site seems to be the barren sandbars in the rivers, although I have found a nest of this species on a sandbar which had quite a growth of young willows.

They scratch several shallow holes in the sand and seem to take possession of the dryest one.

In a dry season they very seldom line their nest but in a wet season they will occasionally line it with pebbles and bits of tried twigs.

I have found them to lay two and three sets in a season, but seldom three except when their nests have been robbed. I have never found the birds setting on their nests, but which I presume they do during the night.

  • Geo. P.Anderson
  • Dannebrog, Neb.