Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

October 1896. Osprey 1(2): 27.

Notes From Nebraska.

From J.R. Bonwell, Nebraska City, Neb.

Large flocks of Robins and Meadow larks are in this vicinity, now probably on their way south.

No doubt a great many species have already gone, as one misses a great many once familiar voices now in the wood.

A number of observers have mentioned that they have noticed a greater number of Baltimore and Orchard Orioles in this locality this year than ever before. Speaking of the Orchard Oriole brings to mind that I noticed a, to me, very original nesting site for this species. While in a thicket on the Missouri collecting last summer, I found several nests of this Oriole in the willows, sometimes right amongst a colony of Red-winged Blackbirds. This place was at least a mile from any habitation, which impressed me as I had always thought that this species was fond of civilization.

The local Naturalists' Association will open their fall course of lectures in October with a lecture by Prof. Barbour of the Nebraska State University.

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