Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

October 28, 1893. Forest and Stream 41(17): 366.

Much Game in Nebraska.

Exeter, Neb., Oct. 16.—All the birds with the exception of the robin, and a few meadow larks and snipe have left this section. Bob White was never more plentiful; every hedge, thicket, or any place offering the least shelter has its covey, riding in the country one can hear the little fellows calling on every side.

Yesterday a flock of sixteen flew into my corral and stayed quite a while round the straw stacks. Ducks and geese have not shown up so far, although they would not probably stop on account of the water holes being nearly dry.

One can get a jack rabbit by just walking across the fields, while the little cotton-tail can be shot from one's doorstep. Chickens are also quite numerous, more so than for years past. Five wolves were seen about two miles south of here yesterday.

Diamond Walt.

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