Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

Editor [possibly Miles Greenleaf]. June 16, 1918. Jenny [House Wren]. Omaha Sunday World-Herald 53(37): 4-E. A bird editorial.


Although we have spoken of her before, Jenny Wren deserves an additional tribute.

There are mornings when the war news isn't quite as good as we would like to have it - but Jenny, with her indomitable spunk, furnishes instant cheer and a splendid example.

Nothing feazes the House Wren - which is Jenny's real name.

Storms, physical combat, personal grief, anxiety of any sort has positively no effect on her good nature, nor on her vocal efforts.

As far as belligerency is concerned, she reminds one a good deal of Belgium. She will fly into the enemy English Sparrows with a fearlessness and fervor that can't help but call forth the plaudits of the multitude - and she wins most of such battles, too. Woe betide the "winged rat" that perches in front of Jenny's house, like a miniature dog-in-the-manger! Mrs. Wren makes short work of him.

But her song - that incessant, delicious bubble of encouragement, for all the world like the rippling of a fresh, cool brook - that is what endears the House Wren to everyone!

Ever on the alert in the capture of insects and worms which might wreck the war garden, Jenny mixes work and pleasure, and has a song for every chapter in her daily life.

We could take an excellent lesson from Jenny House Wren - especially during these parlous times!