Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

July 1890. Oologist 7(7): 142.

My First Nest of the Long Tailed Chickadee.

A friend and I went over into Fremont County, Iowa, on the 26th of April and a day or so afterward started up the river and pitched out tent (?) in a strip of timber. We stayed there one night and the next morning, after eating our breakfast we struck out. I had been walking about for nearly an hour, pounding on every stump and examining every bush and tree, when I saw a bird fly from a stump, and a charge of No. 12 shot stopped it. Looking around, I found the hole about ten inches from the ground. Opening it, I found six beautiful pink eggs, laid upon a nest of hair moss and a few vegetable fibers. I took the eggs of course but they met an untimely end, for upon reaching home I put them in some cotton, preparatory to blowing them, when my partner picked the cotton up and dropped all the eggs.

  • Norris H. Reed,
  • Otoe, Co., Neb.