Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

October 26, 1920. Omaha Morning Bee 50(112): 4.

Duck Hunting on Marshes Near City

Nimrods Out in Large Numbers Seeking Elusive Fowl.

King Duck started to have a nervous time on the marshes, ponds and Platte river, somewhere around 6 o'clock Monday morning. Hunters were scattered far and wide for the feathered birds, and observers in the favorite duck districts made some good hauls.

Nathan, Horseshoe, Still Water and Quinbaugh lakes up north attract many sportsmen from Omaha. Jack Lewis, local nimrod, received word from an Omahan who is in North Dakota after the birds, saying that "the ducks are so thick that the hunters up there have installed traffic cops on all nearby ponds."

Near Elkhorn and Waterloo, Neb., on the Platte river, are other good places to bag ducks.