Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

Anonymous. July 30, 1903. Cody Cow Boy 3(35): 4.

Alas for the Meadowlark

[The Rev. Robert E. Lee Craig, Episcopal minister of Omaha, while out in Central Nebraska, holding past Lenten services and baptising some babies, for shooting 21 meadow larks was fined $110.]

  • He stole a summer song, dear,
  • This godly man of mark,
  • He made the spring day silent,
  • He killed a meadow lark.
  • The plowman in the morn, dear,
  • Will miss the dawn-tipped wings,
  • That soaring upward taught him
  • To think of nobler things.
  • And the children off to school, dear
  • Across the fresh turned sod,
  • Will seek in vain the songster
  • That kept them close to God.
  • And all the summer long, dear
  • Each day when it is done
  • We'll wonder who tomorrow
  • Will welcome up the sun.
  • For he is head and cold, dear,
  • Our little meadow lark.
  • And he sang a song of love to
  • That godly man of mark.