Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

October 4, 1873. Omaha Daily Herald 8(300): 4.

A Grand Hunt.

The Omaha Sportsmen Make the Largest Count Ever Known - Incidents of the Day - John Pettey Champion.

The hunters of the Omaha Sportsmen's Club returned to the city yesterday, most of them wet and weary, but pleased with more than ordinary success. The club collectively had made the largest count ever known since its organization, and Mr. John Pettey brought in the largest single count ever made in the history of the club.

The localities chosen were various, according to the taste or knowledge of the individual members, the only limt being that but one day, Thursday, the 2d inst., should be spent in the field, and that the game should be present at the rendezvous agreed on in this city for the count at 3 P.M. yesterday.

John Pettey, the champion of the day, hunted near Missouri Valley, as did also Messrs. Hoagland, Newman, McAusland, Van Orman and Reed. Messrs. Kane, Preston, Kennedy and Judge Lake went to Blair. Messrs. Hathaway and Budd to Calhoun. Messrs. Reaves, Burton, Johnson and the Withnells went to Ft. Calhoun. Messrs. Homan, Loveland and Barriger went to Bartlett, Iowa.

Most of the other members of the club hunted within five miles of this city, at Florence Lake and near Hardwood Island. Messrs. Reavis, Burton and Johnson were at the lake near Fort Calhoun, and did very hard but enjoyable work on and about that pleasant sheet of water.

The following counts show the combined result of luck and skill condensed to a nutshell, but there are a great many things in this world that cannot be condensed into tabular statements, and a day's hunting is one of them. Of the moving incidents by flood and field we expect to hear more at the supper at Wirth's to-night. It is related of Andy McAusland that he suffered a vecatious depredation at the claws of a hawk, a regular high flyer, who came down and carried off four quails which this hunter had killed and deposited in a fence corner for safe keeping while he went in search of other game. An unsuccessful effort was amde to shoot the hawk, and so achieve revenge and restore the loss to the count at the same time. The bird of prey appraised of the hunter's intentions, shied off as wary as an old time Republican candidate who proposes to draw off this year and let the boys run.

The following is the count. The losers entertain the winners at a game supper at Worth's to-night.

Capt. Finney's Side.

C.H. Pinney ... 
Geo. Hoagland ... 218 
Byron Reed ... 95 
Wm. Preston ... 149 
B.E.B. Kennedy ... 58 
Geo. Mills ... 
H.C. Newman ... 79 
G.B. Lake ... 
Maj. Barriger ... 25 
Dr. Coffman ... 
Deanohue ... 
D. McClelland ... 
E. Teanery ... 33 
B.F. Smith ... 
S.S. Caldwell ... 
J.I. Redick ... 
J. Morrow ... 
D.C. Smith ... 
Pratt ... 
J.J.L.C. Jewett ... 
Pat Kean ... 43 

Capt. Reavis' Side.

W.F. Reavis ... 126 
John Pettey ... 225 
H.A. Homan ... 214 
S.B. Sackett ... 152 
A.E. Loveland ... 106 
Yankee Hathway ... 61 
E.B. Chandler ... 45 
J. Van Orman ... 70 
J.H. Peabody ... 15 
F. Windheim ... 44 
R.N. Withnell ... 27 
J. Budd ... 33 
M. Harris ... 36 
John Withnell ... 20 
T. Asherstone ... 00 
Col. Clopper ... 
D.C. Sutphen ... 00 
S. Saunders ... 00 
A.D. McAusland ... 31 
A.C. Dean ... 00 
C. Burton ... 47