Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

April 10, 1891. Omaha Morning World-Herald 26(192): 3.April 10, 1891. Omaha Morning World-Herald 26(192): 6.

Wounded While Hunting.

Thomas Stuart, the 17-year-old son of Rev. T. McK. Stuart, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church, was quite badly wounded Tuesday afternoon by a shot from a gun in the hands of a companion, Clyde Barclay. The two young men were hunting in the vicinity of Big Lake, north of the city, and were out in a boat. Barclay endeavored to shoot over Stuart's shoulder into a flock of ducks, but aimed a little too low and the charge tore away the flesh from the shoulder for about the space of a man's hand. Barclay, though badly frightened, managed to get his companion to his home on Fletcher avenue, where he received medical attendance. The physician in charge pronounces the wound painful, but not at all dangerous.

Home Markets.

The Local Produce Market Quotations Corrected Daily.

Thursday Evening, April 9.—These quotations and comments are given by Branch & Co. The receipts of all kinds of produce are very light and hardly enough to supply the market. Good goods sell rapidly. Strawberries are coming in small quantities on account of the frosts in the south. There is not enough for the demand. Game receipts are heavier and prices are declining. The pleasant weather is increasing the demand for fruit.


Ducks— Mallards, per doz. $2.50; red heads, per doz. $2.25@2.50; canvas backs, per doz. $3.00@4.00; teals, per doz, $1.25; mixed per doz. $1.25. Geese—Canadian, per doz. $4.50; gray Brandt, per doz. $2.50@3.00; white Brandt, per doz. $2.00.