Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

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  •  Dr. Whinnery's Collection Proves Him the Real "Bird Man." 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1911-09-10  
  •  House Urged to Pass Bill to Protect Birds. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1913-01-26  
  •  Hunters Declare Against the Spring Shooting of Ducks. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1912-03-31  
  •  Nobody Loves the Mudhen; High Federal Officials Give Her the Jest. 
     Bee Reporter. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1915-04-25  
  •  The City Back-Yard Bird Sanctuary. 
     Learned, Mary. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1916-06-11