Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

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  •  Nebraska [Note on the Abundance of Prairie Chickens Near Tecumseh]. 
     Barnes, E.R. 
     Forest and Stream.   1874-10-08  
  •  Elk Hunting in Nebraska. 
     Grinnell, George B. [Ornis, pseud.]. 
     Forest and Stream.   1873-10-02  
  •  A Hunt With the Yankton Sioux. 
     Leeds, Theo. E. 
     Forest and Stream.   1873-10-09  
  •  The Fauna of Nebraska. 
     Phillips, C. H. 
     Forest and Stream.   1876-06-08  
  •  Hunting Wapiti on the Loup. 
     G. W. B.; G. N. B. with part two. 
     Forest and Stream.   1876-05-04  
  •  Shooting Notes from Nebraska. 
     Coveter, R.G. 
     Forest and Stream.   1876-08-17  
  •  Nebraska Notes. 
     Grinnell, George B. [Yo, pseud.]. 
     Forest and Stream.   1877-09-27  
  •  Wet Weather Birds. 
     Carter, R.G. 
     Forest and Stream.   1877-06-21