Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

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  •  After Chickens in Waning Summer. 
     Griswold, Sandy. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1894-08-05  
  •  Great Sport Down on the Platte. 
     Martin, J.C. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1894-03-11  
  •  [Rail Hunting Along the Missouri River in Eastern Omaha]. 
     Griswold, Sandy. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1894-09-09  
  •  Duck Shooting Among the Sioux. 
     Lowrey, J.H. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1894-11-11  
  •  A Veritable Gunners' Paradise. 
     Griswold, Sandy. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1894-08-12