Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

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  •  Honkings From the Platte. 
     Wolfe, W.M.—Shoshone. 
     Forest and Stream.   1889-04-04  
  •  Mid-winter Bird Notes. 
     Wolfe, W. M. (Shoshone). 
     Forest and Stream.   1889-03-07  
  •  The Migration of the Ducks. 
     Wolfe, W.M. (Shoshone). 
     Forest and Stream.   1889-04-18  
  •  Migration on the Plains. 
     Wolfe, W. M.—Shoshone. 
     Forest and Stream.   1889-05-02  
  •  [The Snowy Owl]. 
     Hubbard, C.P. and H. 
     Forest and Stream.   1889-12-26  
  •  [Trip to Sandhills of Loup River]. 
     Wolfe, W.M.—Shoshone. 
     Forest and Stream.   1889-01-10  
  •  A Week in Nebraska. 
     Wolfe, W. M.—Shoshone. 
     Forest and Stream.   1889-10-10