Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

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  •  Useful Birds to the Farmer. 
     Ream, H. 
     Nebraska Farmer and Western Educational Advocate.   1861-05-01  
  •  Harris's Woodpecker in Nebraska. 
     Reed, M.H. 
     Oologist.   1890-02-01  
  •  My First Nest of the Long Tailed Chickadee. 
     Reed, Norris H. 
     Oologist.   1890-07-01  
  •  Collecting Bird's Eggs. 
     Rengler, Mrs. L.A. and Sandy Griswold. 
     Omaha Sunday World-Herald.   1918-06-16  
  •  Nobody Loves the Mudhen; High Federal Officials Give Her the Jest. 
     Bee Reporter. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1915-04-25  
  •  Duck Shooting Great Sport. 
     Bee reporter. 
     Omaha Morning Bee.   1922-10-03  
  •  An Old Fashioned Snipe Hunt. 
     Snipe Till You Can't Rest. 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1868-03-19  
  •  A Club Hunt. Was Held Monday and the Losers set up an Oyster Supper. 
     Robert Good, editor and publisher. 
     Valentine Democrat.   1896-12-12  
  •  The Weather. 
     Robertson, T.H., editor. 
     Omaha Nebraskian.   1858-03-10  
  •  Indian Summer. 
     Robertson, T.H., editor. 
     Omaha Nebraskian.   1860-10-27  
  •  A Peculiar Bird. 
     Rutter, Cloud. 
     Oologist.   1892-03-01  
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