Birds of Nebraska: Newspaper Accounts, 1854-1923

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  •  A Pair of Pet Quail. 
     C. G. F. 
     Forest and Stream.   1894-02-24  
  •  In Charlie's Mind's Eye. 
     C. J. B. 
     Omaha Sunday Bee.   1893-07-02  
  •  The North Loup Valley. 
     C. J. D. 
     Forest and Stream.   1890-09-11  
  •  Nebraska Fly-Way Shooting. 
     C. L. B. 
     Forest and Stream.   1881-11-17  
  •  Nebraska's Abundant Game. 
     C. M. S. 
     Forest and Stream.   1890-10-02  
  •  Two Kinds of Swans. 
     Campfield, Jno. N. and Sandy Griswold. 
     Omaha Sunday World-Herald.   1913-02-23  
  •  The Hunters at Perch and Cameron Lake. 
     Carlin, J.J. 
     Bassett Eagle.   1896-04-02  
  •  Capture and Captivity of the Great Horned Owls. 
     Carriker, M.A., Jr. 
     Osprey.   1899-01-01  
  •  Some of Our Winter Birds. 
     Carriker, M.A., Jr. 
     Osprey.   1899-03-01  
  •  The Chickadee (Parus atricapillus) in Eastern Nebraska. 
     Carriker, M.A., Jr. 
     Osprey.   1900-05-01  
  •  Observations on Traill's Flycatcher. 
     Carriker, M.A., Jr. 
     Proceedings of the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union.   1901-10-01  
  •  Wet Weather Birds. 
     Carter, R.G. 
     Forest and Stream.   1877-06-21  
  •  A Growing Heron Rookery. 
     Cary, Merritt. 
     Osprey.   1898-06-01  
  •  Phalarope Notes. 
     Cary, Merritt. 
     Osprey.   1898-06-01  
  •  A Phenomenal Flight of Hawks. 
     Cary, Merritt. 
     Auk.   1899-10-01  
  •  A Dream. Dedicated to Sandy G[riswold]. 
     Chittenden, Frank. 
     Omaha Sunday World-Herald.   1923-12-30  
  •  Club Hunt. Three Days Annual Rustle of the Omaha Sportsmen's Club. 
     Omaha Sportsmen's Club. 
     Omaha Daily Bee.   1881-04-09  
  •  Hunters, Attention! 
     Fenner & Co. 
     Merna Record.   1890-10-16  
  •  A White Grackle. 
     Colby, F.A. 
     Oologist.   1899-02-01  
  •  Platte River Geese. 
     El Comancho. 
     Forest and Stream.   1895-10-05  
  •  Foreign Birds Are On Increase in Some Sections. 
     Staff Correspondent. 
     Omaha Morning Bee.   1913-09-19  
  •  Shooting Notes from Nebraska. 
     Coveter, R.G. 
     Forest and Stream.   1876-08-17  
  •  The Return of the Birds. 
     Crane, Dr. Frank. 
     Omaha Sunday World-Herald.   1913-03-16  
  •  The Beautiful Birds. 
     J.C. Crawford 
     Omaha Daily Herald.   1877-11-24  
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